Travel Wishlist


It’s important to have a travel wishlist. When the world is so big, it’s good to focus on the things you really want to see.

So in no particular order, here is mine:

1. Italy

I have wanted to go here my entire life. The architecture, the history, the romance, the food… I’m desperate to see it, especially with my husband (where else can you openly be romantic!). I want to see it all, Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Naples, Pisa, Verona… all of it! This truly is at the top of my list right now.



2. More of Iceland.

We went here in September 2016 for a long weekend, and honestly, it was better than I had imagined. We did a lot of exploring and found some hidden gems but we want to see more, get further away from Rejakivik and explore the rest of this beautiful country.



3. Cuba

I’d love to experience the colour and culture of Cuba. It has everything you want to feed the soul from music to food and I want to experience it. Sooner rather than later, with the unknown future of a Trumps America maybe it’s time to go asap before things are impacted and changed here. It’s always great to see places as authentic as possible right!?



4. North Indonesia.

I’d previously had a trip booked to go to Yogyakarta in Indonesia and travel across land, finishing in Bali. Due to an illness that trip was cut *dies inside* so of course, that has to make the list! I’m desperate to do the original plan, and in fact, continue beyond. Bali is not my favourite place so I think this time we’d skip it entirely and go straight to the Gili islands. Nowhere near but I’d also like the experience the Raja Ampat Islands.





5. Canada

I have been to Vancouver and loved it, but what I really want is to get out to the Rockies and explore Canada’s nature, in particular, to see bears in the wild. I’m desperate to see bears in the wild, and if they have cubs I would probably cry from cuteness overload.



6. More of Mexico.

I’ve recently discovered Mexico. It was never  previously on my travel wishlist, and it turned out to be a wonderful surprise, a thousand times better than I imagined (seriously if you just go to Cancun you are missing out.) it’s such a large country though with so much more to see, I know I’ve barely scratched the surface and I wanting to dig deeper.



7. Patagonia

A few fellow travellers highly recommend here and say they found it to be the least touristy part of South America. Maybe that’s because it’s hard to get to, but regardless anywhere that has kept its natural beauty and culture I want to get to.




8. Cappadocia – Turkey.

You may know the famous hot air balloon image over these famous rock formations in central Turkey. I’d love to see this natural phenomenon for myself. Now whether I’d go up in a hot air balloon remains to be seen (see my post about personal limits)




9. Scotland

Considering it is on my doorstep I haven’t experienced Scotland properly. I have been to Edinburgh, and in fact, it was my first ever holiday with my now husband back in 2010. Edinburgh is a gorgeous city and we had such a lovely weekend break there, but I know I want to see its natural landscapes and wildlife.



10. Africa

I’m very curious about this continent. I know many people who have gone there and left their hearts behind when they returned. They love the people, the food, the environment. I’ve always wanted to do a safari which appeals to my animal loving nature, but I’m also keen to know more about what it is that people love about it.

So what do you think of my choices? Has anyone been to these places?

And what’s on your travel wishlist!?

I’d love to hear if any of these are on yours too.


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