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While island hopping in Thailand we made a brief visit to the quiet island of Koh Lanta. On reflection, we didn’t explore enough of what the island had to offer, but we took the opportunity to relax and to give something back by volunteering.Down the road from our bungalows was an animal shelter that I had heard about where you could go and volunteer, either for weeks or just for the day or even a few hours.This shelter is called Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW).What do they do?They are a charity providing rescue of dogs and…

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Do I regret going to Tiger Kingdom in Thailand?

As an animal lover, a lot of experiences on my bucket list are animal related. In fact, at 12 years old I wrote a letter to myself to open when I was 18 to see if I had achieved my dreams (obviously no idea of reality at that age!). I actually found this letter hidden away when I was almost 20 and it was a lovely read. My biggest dream was to own a wildlife sanctuary in the UK, helping to rescue injured animals and release them back into the wild.Although not my dream anymore (however if I won…

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