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Everyone knows Queenstown, it is the go-to spot on New Zealand’s south island, and rightly so. I am in that crowd, it is awesome.But there is another little treasure only 20 minutes down the road called Arrowtown.Now it is little, definitely not rival to the established and beautiful Queenstown but it is quirky and quaint, and well worth a visit.The Gold RushArrowtown is historic. Established in 1862 at the height of the Otago Gold rush. The town grew quickly on the banks of the river Arrow as settlers came fast to try their luck…

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New Zealand

Hiking on Tasman Glacier in New Zealand

Did you know that New Zealand has over 3,100 glaciers? So where better to do a glacier hiking experience!?That was at the top of our bucket list that we wanted to do on our trip to New Zealand.After some failed attempts to do a ‘heli hike’ at the famous Franz Joseph glacier, then the nearby Fox glacier due to poor weather, we were incredibly disheartened to think we’d missed our chance.A week or so later we were in Queenstown and still reflecting on that disappointment. I wondered if there were any other options. Our next…

New Zealand

Swimming with Wild Dusky Dolphins in Kaikoura, New Zealand

The small coastal town of Kaikoura, New Zealand is best known for its Aquatic life. In particular, its resident seals and local dusky dolphins. As a huge animal lover, I knew I had to go there.I wanted to see the dolphins of Kaikoura in their natural habitat. I wanted to get up close and personal with them. I wanted to swim with them.In November 2016, the beautiful coastal town of Kaikoura was the epicentre of a point 7 earthquake. Initially, Kaikoura found itself cut off from the rest of the country as major highways were damaged.When my…

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