Every time I go to Normandy I make sure I take the time to go and visit the medieval city of Mont St Michel, which I think is a must see in Normandy.This city is in fact on a small tidal island, meaning it is cut off from land during high tide only. At low tide it is surrounded by sand flats and marsh land meaning it is then accessible by foot. Now there is a permanent bridge over meaning you can reach it whatever time of day.It is a long and fascinating history which you can learn…

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Volunteering in Thailand – Koh Lanta Animal Welfare

While island hopping in Thailand we made a brief visit to the quiet island of Koh Lanta. On reflection, we didn’t explore enough of what the island had to offer, but we took the opportunity to relax and to give something back by volunteering.Down the road from our bungalows was an animal shelter that I had heard about where you could go and volunteer, either for weeks or just for the day or even a few hours.This shelter is called Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW).What do they do?They are a charity providing rescue of dogs and…

New Zealand

Arrowtown – A hidden gem near Queenstown

Everyone knows Queenstown, it is the go-to spot on New Zealand’s south island, and rightly so. I am in that crowd, it is awesome.But there is another little treasure only 20 minutes down the road called Arrowtown.Now it is little, definitely not rival to the established and beautiful Queenstown but it is quirky and quaint, and well worth a visit.The Gold RushArrowtown is historic. Established in 1862 at the height of the Otago Gold rush. The town grew quickly on the banks of the river Arrow as settlers came fast to try their luck…

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