Hello, my name is Beth and this is a space for me to share with you my passions, thoughts and discoveries, primarily along the themes of travel, lifestyle and the communities around us.
I’m so passionate about these topics and hope my style of  honesty and wistful thoughts will help you feel inspired or leave you thinking about something new. 



Growing up I loved going on adventures with my friends and at 17 with my first car, we’d all pile in and they’d all say it was time for a ‘Journey with Gurney’!



Ten years on and I now have a husband, a house and a cat! Yet I’m still going on adventures, and if anything I have even more drive to try new things, as well as growing more passionate by the day about helping others and building communities. It may sound corny but I have a real drive to support people, places and the planet! 

I work in the charity sector full time and it is so rewarding. I know now that I need a ‘mission’ to work towards and I look forward to inspiring others to get out there and support causes they feel passionate about too.

This feeds into my love for travel. I have been incredibly fortunate to have been able to travel since a young age and have been backpacking several times, my most recent trip being five months with an East to West adventure starting in Sri Lanka and ending in Mexico. Learning about new countries and cultures first hand is so important to not only expand your knowledge and care of others, but to grow in yourself. Every time I go somewhere I’ve learnt about myself, the area and it’s people, as well, of course, I have had fun.

I may not always be able to go backpacking, but I hope to continue to have opportunities to learn new things and have fun, even in my backyard – the Midlands. Hopefully this blog will be a good place for you to see what places I discover on my journey and inspire you to get out there. 

You have one life. I believe it’s important to enjoy it, but if you can also help others then that’s perfect.

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